Our Story



Photo: Uncle Brent HESSLEBERG // devils lake, wi

Lodi, WI –Where it all began

2006 - Homecoming court

Actually, we spent years and years of our friendship together as pen pals! Sending each other postcards and letters we each secretly cherished and held on to.

2003- 8th grade, first photo together

(Benjamin made Claren the necklace she's wearing)

2006- homecoming parade

2003–2007 • Benjamin says....

2007 & beyond • Claren says....

After years of secretly crushing on each other, a true friendship sparked during 7th grade Spanish class and Claren finally landed her first boyfriend. (That’s where I come in.)

Our young love blossomed into a beautiful friendship, lasting... well, to this very day!

Along the way

Apparently, we’ve been doing this costume thing for a while. And turns out we were more likely to be photographed when we are dressed up in costume and looking our most ridiculous. Seen here as Little Bo-Peep and a clown, Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox, and a pair of fungi.

2021 - halloween

2019 - halloween

2003 - summer before high school

Benjamin says....

Life in the PNW

2016 - first backpacking trip together

2016 - hugs after benjamins ice bath

2022 - cross country skiing

2018 - canoeing moses lake

2018 - tandom biking in new zealand

dancing through the years

2020 - camping in the cascades

2016–present • claren says....

Not everyone knows this, but we spent the first 4 years together, long distance! That's probably why postcards are our love language.

From New Zealand, to Rome, to our own backyard – We've made every adventure together, one to remember.

soulmutts - Bruce & Frankie

2022 - Lagers in leavenworth, wa

2022 - camping in the cascades